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More than just a refrigerator
By Nick Burklow

More often than not, products that try to combine multiple devices into one, or do too many things at once, fail. But once in a while, a manufacturer (LG in this case) gets it right. I introduce to you the LG LSC27991TT. OK, so the name may not say much, but this is one sweet fridge.

All right, it is a refrigerator - it keeps food cold, fills up your glass of water, makes ice and helps you organize your veggies. Why is this one so special? I think it's the 15-inch HD-ready LCD in the door.

LG includes not only the TV, but an FM radio, component inputs for a DVD player or HD cable box and one of the coolest digital refrigerator controls I have ever seen.

The digital control center on the door provides you with more information than my first computer could even dream of conjuring up. It displays the ambient room temperature, current weather conditions with a five-day forecast and photos uploaded via a USB port. It includes a list of gourmet recipes and has an anniversary reminder.

While entertainment is covered, in the end, this is still a refrigerator. The digital controls handle all of the standard operations of the refrigerator, monitors the eight separate temperature sensors and lets you choose what kind of ice you want. And with the side-by-side configuration and 26.2 cubic feet of storage space, you can keep enough food on hand to feed an after-theater crowd or most of the State Farm Classic entourage.

The refrigerator has three customizable tempered-glass shelves. One humidity-controlled bin and one OptiFresh crisper are included to keep fruit and vegetables fresh longer. The inside of the door features three gallon door containers. Two are movable, one is fixed, and you can store bulky items in the door.

The freezer has one glass- and three wired shelves, which provide ample storage for all those leftovers. There are also two fixed storage bins and two larger tilting bins on the inside of the door. And if that still isn't enough, there are three more slide-out drawers. I recommend filling them all with ice cream. Ben and Jerry's will do. And, you don't have to worry about the ice maker taking up precious space because it's neatly tucked away internally on the freezer door.

The exterior of the freezer door features both the digital control center and the ice and water dispenser. You can choose from crushed or cubed ice, and here's a plus, the water filtration system lets you fill up your tall water bottles, including the long, lean sports bottles.

I am always a fan of the something extra and LG delivers. The refrigerator is Energy Star compliant, has LoDecibel quiet operations and a BioShield antibacterial door seal to prevent mold and mildew growth.

If you are into entertaining and dinner parties, or if you just can't miss a moment of the big game, this could be the refrigerator for you. If you spend more time in the kitchen than you would prefer, this refrigerator could be your savior. If you're a technology junkie (like me) then this IS the refrigerator for you. Whether you are watching TV or a DVD, listening to your favorite music, checking the weather, looking up a recipe or actually storing food, LG has you covered. The LG LSC27991TT is truly worthy of an appearance on MTV's "Cribs" but can be found at Best Buy for around $3,800. If you want to learn more, pop on over to www.us.lge.com and take a look.


Story published Friday, November 7, 2008 ( Volume 3, Number 6 )

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