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A collection of local collections
By Erica Cusumano

Every year Springfield's Own Magazine asks local folks a question. This year, we asked some of the area's movers and shakers as well as our Facebook fans, "Do you have a collection? If so, what is it and why do you collect it?" You might be surprised by some of the answers we received.

Kevin Lust

Director of the Illinois Small Business Development Center at Lincoln Land Community College

"Pick a collection: books, comic books, autographs, action figures, hats, foreign coins, newspapers. I was going to say I collect collections, but it occurred to me what I really collect is stories. I want Ernie Banks' autograph more so that I can remember when I met him than to have his signature. I enjoy having coins from Australia not because of the value but because of the memories of my trips there."

Richard Ringeisen

Chancellor of the University

of Illinois Springfield

"I'm not much of a collector but my wife has quite an interesting collection of pottery from all over."

Susan Langheim

Owner of Friendly Chevrolet

"I love to collect snow globes. I've been collecting them since I was a child. Every year, my parents gave me one for Christmas. My husband continues the tradition now. I have a fairly eclectic collection ranging from plastic globes with little snow remaining to very ornate globes. I have to say I favor the more traditional Christmas scenes of the plastic ones. However, they all seem to hold fond memories."

Tim Davlin

Springfield mayor

"I have a collection of ball caps, some going back more than 30 years. I only wish I knew why I had started that collection! I get in a habit of only wearing one for a period of time, and when I get tired of that cap, I move on to another. My current favorite is my 2009 Amateur Golf Tournament hat from Pinehurst."

John Muchow

Facebook fan

"I'm starting to collect old photo portraits (pre-1930s) that look like people I personally know."

Amy Sue Erickson

Facebook fan

"Anything and everything Illini: Memorabilia, T-shirts, pictures, lights, tables, rugs, chief souvenirs. Even painted a 6-foot chief emblem on my basement wall with the help of an overhead projector!"

Lisa Midyett Steelman

Facebook fan

"Ornaments make a great tree when every ornament is bought for a specific reason. My kids will have a great collection of ornaments for their big achievements, trips, etc. from their childhood ... that is, if I ever let them have them!"

Casey Mayfield

Facebook fan

"My husband collects breweriana, which is any beer- or brewery-related items. His interest is primarily Springfield and central Illinois breweries from the 1840s to pre-Prohibition, but he won't pass up anything cool from as recent as the 1950s and '60s. Local collectors have a club and Web site www.reischbrewcrew.com. Check it out to see some of the local collectors' special items."

Rebecca Budde

Facebook fan

"My mom used to collect Roy Rogers stuff."

Kelly M. Fifield

Facebook fan

"I collect a lot of different things, but my favorite thing to collect are bicycles and tricycles from the 1920s-1950s. They're rolling art. A 1939 Huffman Airflyte with twin-flex cushioning was the first old bicycle my dad and I restored."

Story published Friday, January 8, 2010 ( Volume 5, Number 1 )

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