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Freelance photographer Tim Murphy takes us all the way to Australia this month for a photo essay from his two-week trip Down Under earlier this year. His adventure took him from Sydney to the nation's capital, Canberra, to Melbourne and back again for the long flight home.



The Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis was founded in 1859 by Henry Shaw. A longtime fixture in the city, it's a National Historic Landmark and the nation's oldest botanical garden in continuous operation.


What's your favorite animal at the zoo? The lion? The tiger? Or perhaps the okapi, a close relative of the giraffe?

Freelance photographer Tim Murphy of Springfield takes us on a road trip this month for a photo essay of the Saint Louis Zoo.


Freelance photographer Tim Murphy of Springfield takes us up Interstate 55 this month for a photo essay of the Windy City. His images show the unique Millennium Park, the iconic John Hancock Center and more of the heart of the city. Here's Tim take on the experience: 


These photographs have been culled from "Kafka's Resort," my ongoing portfolio of 250-plus film and digital photographs begun in the 1970s. I will probably never finish it.



It's December. The birds have left already. Seems like the perfect time to start planning your own escape from winter.



Freelancer Tim Murphy set down his digital camera for his latest photography project and picked up a new toy: Lomography's SuperSampler 35mm model.


Next time you walk the trails at Lincoln Memorial Garden & Nature Center, stop and close your eyes. Try to imagine, if you will, the place ever looking different than it does now.

Can't do it?

If you want Vern Kleen to take you under his wing, be prepared to earn yours.

This month, freelance photographer Tim Murphy of Springfield takes us to The Butterfly House, where visitors can mingle with more than 60 species of butterflies from around the world in an 8,000-square-foot glass conservatory. With thousands of butterflies, there’s always some in flight. Just watch your step and your back, as they do land on the walkway and on visitors.

It's basketball season. March Madness is in full swing, and the big tournaments are right around the corner. At each game, every person involved sees the game from a different perspective. Players, coaches, referees, scorekeepers and fans all look at the game differently. And photographers see it in their own way, too - through a lens. Here you'll find pictures by art director Erica Cusumano as she takes an artistic look at the game of basketball.

Less than 20 miles separate America's first permanent English settlement (1607) in Jamestown, from the last battle of the Revolutionary War (1781) in Yorktown. Located strategically in between these two historical areas is the second capital of Virigina: Colonial Williamsburg.

It's a question I don't get often here in the prairie state: "Ever been above tree line?"

Hmmm. Born in Iowa. Moved to Nebraska after college and eventually back across Iowa to Springfield.

Short answer: No

Every September, with a rumble and a roar, the wheeled things come home to mother. For three days, the city of Springfield plays host to the people and the vehicles that pay homage to the road spawned by the demands of what was rapid transit. The International Route 66 Mother Road Festival brings visitors from all over the world; it honors the road originally set up to link Chicago and Los Angeles. Photographer Armando Sanchez gives us a glimpse of the cars, the colors and the motion that is the Mother Road.

Freelance photographer Tim Murphy of Springfield takes us to Florida in this issue, to Everglades National Park, where he has traveled to twice in recent years.

See Napa Valley, California, through the eyes of photographer T.J.?Salsman.

Americans have always had a love affair with automobiles. Life is a highway, and we drive it with passion, power and as many ponies as we can afford.

Before the big day a bride has a lot to do to ensure her wedding day will be everything she's dreamed about since she was a little girl.

Winter is a great time to view bald eagles in Illinois, especially along the Illinois and Mississippi rivers.

Trash is a mirror of society. At first glance, there's just a huge crush of junk. Nothing stands out. It's just trash. But look closer.

Freelance photographer Tim Murphy takes us to Lincoln Memorial Garden along the shore of Lake Springfield. The garden, which was dedicated in 1939 and was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1992, is the perfect escape and get back to nature.

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