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Hidden in the hillside
By Kathleen Ostrander

Being built into three hills makes getting to the McCoy home an adventure in itself, but the trek up the drive is worth it.

Cindy and Karl McCoy wanted a distinctive home built to resemble a carriage house. The house, as well as the grounds, pool house and barn, were designed by Cindy McCoy, who ended up having the contractor as well as some of the subcontractors offer her a job when they saw the results.

The beautiful, dark, weathered brick home at 14309 Boy Scout Trail near Petersburg is landscaped in the front with a matching maroon and green fence, and that color scheme is carried throughout the inside of the house. Karl McCoy said the brick was acid washed and scrubbed to help it blend in better with the countryside and to give it the feel of an older carriage house.

The 6,400-square-foot home sits on 10 acres. There is a charming garden fence around some of the land, but Cindy McCoy came up with another fencing idea for the rest of the property.

"She's got all sorts of walking trails set up, and to define them she's set up stacked wood," said Karl McCoy.

"It just seemed more natural then putting up fences," she said.

Visitors are greeted by warm Southern yellow pine floors, and the honey-colored wood is carried through the house. The front staircase is the same color and so is the ceiling and the ceiling beams. A giant, two-story brick fireplace dominates the grand room in the front, but the country décor and the rustic touches make the entry level inviting rather than austere and off-putting.

One of several window seats in the house is just off the front entryway for residents to wait for guests or for visitors to sit and remove snowy footwear. The front windows of the home are rounded and framed in wood.

The grand room, which Karl McCoy explains is called "grand" not "great" because it is two stories, opens into a formal dining area with an adjacent kitchen. The countertops in the kitchen are solid maple.

In addition to a charming bricked archway that has a sort of bistro quality about it, Cindy McCoy said she also wanted two ovens for entertaining.

The formal dining room has a massive wood table that can seat eight or more, and the garden view is spectacular.

On the other side of the kitchen is a more intimate dining area for just the couple.

The smaller dining area is done in a white and blue French country motif, with the white toned down to give it a more comforting feel.

There are several small porches off of the main level. Cindy McCoy's landscaping and decorating make each of them seem like one step into the country and then a step back into the home. They seem to meld into the surrounding forest.

A large porch runs the length of the back of the house. It has a comfortable lounge and chairs and is perfect for entertaining, and it has a great view of the zip line.

A pulley suspended on a cable goes down the incline behind the house. "We still use it," said Karl McCoy with a laugh. "It got a lot of use when the college-aged children would bring their friends over. We ended up having to pad the tree at the end of the zip line so we wouldn't have to peel the kids' friends off the tree," he added.

A small gazebo is sometimes used for grilling out, Karl McCoy said, but is most often used to sit and enjoy the natural surroundings.

There are three large bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs. "I wanted roomy versus several smaller rooms," Cindy McCoy said.

The master suite overlooks the grand room. A set of wooden French doors opens to a four-poster bed. For privacy, the doors have a set of wood blinds, and the wood theme is repeated through the master suite and into the master bath. The master bath sports a large TV and tub.

"I'm a news person," explained Cindy McCoy. "I've got to have the news on wherever I am."

The front dormer areas hold a charming desk and a decorative hutch.

One of the large guest bedrooms is done in a feminine theme with a cozy blue and white window seat, canopied easy chair and white floors, wainscoting and bed. "It's one of my favorite rooms," Cindy McCoy said.

The other bedroom has an outdoorsy feel. It has wood accents and a huge wooden desk that seats three, which required some tricky maneuvering to get it upstairs and installed, according to Karl McCoy.

The bathroom for the two bedrooms has a woman's dressing area with a larger vanity and makeup area as well as a second vanity area.

The lower level is a playroom, said Cindy McCoy with a laugh. There is a huge open area for entertaining complete with another kitchen, pool table, foosball table and a big TV.

The home contains small touches that integrate the rooms together into one "welcoming" whole including imported door hardware and furniture imported from Ireland because it brought Cindy McCoy's decorating scheme together.

Outside is a red barn that had been intended for horses.

"Then Cindy realized how much work that would be and we ended up changing the plans for stalls and just poured a concrete floor," said Karl McCoy.

The equipment Cindy McCoy uses to keep up the landscaping and lawns is stored there and the upstairs is her own personal gym. Around the trail and past the barn is a play area for children and adults.

Two truckloads of sand cushioned the giant play area, which is now used by the grandchildren. There also is a horseshoe pit.

The pool house features a dressing area, storage, open sides, a bar area and a large grill. There is plenty of room for chaise lounges and chairs.

The McCoys said they wanted their house to make a statement, but also to blend with nature. It is heated and cooled geothermally and care has been taken to make the landscaping inviting to visitors from nature as well as their friends and family.


Story published Friday, July 3, 2009 ( Volume 4, Number 4 )

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