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Susan Hines, owner of Lift and Firm of Springfield, prepares the makeup for Elizabeth Reyhan of Springfield before the 62nd Annual Progress Circle of King's Daughters Organization's style show Monday, Oct. 27, 2008, at the Crowne Plaza.
By Shannon Kirshner | STAFF
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Mineral cosmetics
By Kathleen Ostrander

Lift and Firm Spa offers non-invasive alternatives to liposuction and micro-abrasion as well as several lines of skincare products that reduce wrinkles, preserve and hydrate, soothe and conceal.

Sue Hines, owner of Lift and Firm, has high praise for the Jane Iredale line of skincare products and makeup.

"They are 100 percent natural with no additives, no talcs and no cancer-causing agents. I like to be able to carry the highest quality and be able to offer it to everyone," she said.

Iredale cosmetics offer shades for every ethnicity. "I really enjoy the fact that I can offer makeup for everyone," she said. "I don't ever have to turn anyone away."

Hines said she grew up in the era of "liquid based" makeup. "But it caked and flaked and sat in the creases. Mineral cosmetics are lighter and silky. They have liquid, loose and pressed powder. The mineral-based cosmetics sit on top of the cells, not in them," Hines said.

She said you can 'set' the makeup with a spritz of water. "The only thing that you have to remember is you have to wear a moisturizer. The cosmetics go on better and the moisturizer also has SPF."

The Iredale line is used to conceal and camouflage skin flaws, including most problems with pigmentation. The line also includes eye shadow, lip primer and blushes.

Two other lines of skin care products she carries and recommends are

iS Clinical and SkinCeuticals.

The iS Clinical line also is used for pigment problems and includes cleansing preparations as well as hydrating and sunscreen preparations. SkinCeuticals skincare products contain antioxidants as well as sunscreens and offers a full range of cleansers, hydrators and sun screens. 



Skin care for men

Sue Hines of Lift and Firm said more and more men are taking advantage of advances in skin care and iS Clinical offers a line of products for men.

Men's skin has unique attributes, according to iS Clinical. Men produce more oil on their face and are more likely to develop acne; men have larger pores; shaving makes the skin dry and can irritate it.

Products available from iS Clinical include cleansers, solutions to treat acne and even out pigmentation, solutions to soothe and hydrate and a sunscreen.


Story published Friday, December 5, 2008 ( Volume 3, Number 7 )

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