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Hot & Dirty Martini
By Kathleen Ostrander

Some days you just want to get away and hide out somewhere. But for adults, that's tough - all that job and responsibility stuff just weighs you down. We suggest holing up with an adult beverage at Sebastian's Hideout, 221 S. Fifth St., for a brief respite from reality. Niki Herr can mix you up a Hot & Dirty Martini. The base is Absolut Peppar. The first of the flavored vodkas, it was introduced in 1986 and is a fiery, complex blend of peppers. It makes the martini potent and a little bit sassy.

How to make it

Start with a chilled 6 oz. martini glass. In a shaker with ice mix:

2 oz Absolut Peppar
1 oz pepperoncini juice
1 oz green olive juice

Shake.Garnish with a skewered pepperoncini and a green olive.


Story published Friday, July 3, 2009 ( Volume 4, Number 4 )

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