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Second Annual Medical Issue
By John Moody

Dear readers,

Welcome to SO Magazine's second annual Medical Issue. The fact that Springfield is such an important hub for medicine in the region warrants us dedicating an issue of the magazine to this vital topic.

Folks from central Illinois communities big and small come here seeking help and healing of all kinds. And it's not just the afflicted who view Springfield as a medical destination. It's also a place sought out by the aspiring, those who come to our town with dreams of becoming healers themselves. Think of the thousands of careers launched here over the years as young physicians continue to make their way in the world after first-class training at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

The variety of medical specialties available here is remarkable for a town the size of Springfield. It seems that one of our hospitals is always expanding to offer something more cutting-edge and more modern for the people they care for. Finding the right specialist here often means your doctor lives in the same ZIP code, certainly in the same area code. It's a comfort for anyone battling an illness, and for loved ones, too, to know that quality care can be provided so close to your own front door. Traveling by train or plane is not always necessary when you live in a town like ours. Simply put, we are blessed.

Healing comes in many forms. Therapy can also be found in something as simple as a beautiful landscape. Many of our medical facilities have healing gardens, the newest one at SimmonsCooper Cancer Institute. Staff writer Kathleen Ostrander shows us what's available here in town.

It's not all docs and nurses and meds in this issue. A medical community needs volunteers. All of our medical facilities can boast of an abundance of generous volunteers. When they aren't volunteering at one of the hospitals, these caring and compassionate people are often volunteering somewhere else.

So, turn the page and have a look at some of the doctors and nurses and techs and volunteers who spend their days and nights taking care of us here in our hometown.

Visit SO Magazine online at www.springfieldsown.com to see additional photographs from some of our features. And, before our next issue of SO comes out in January, be sure check online for updates that we add from time to time.

Thank you for spending some of your time with SO Magazine.

John Moody


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Story published Friday, December 5, 2008 ( Volume 3, Number 7 )

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