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You're invited
By John Moody


You're invited. We welcome you to take a tour around SO Magazine's new Web site, www.springfieldsown.com. The site, brand-spanking new and still evolving, is quite a milestone for us in this our third year of producing the magazine. Not to be overly self-indulgent, but an online presence is a long way from the starting blocks for us. OK, we'll remove our collective hand from patting ourselves on the back, but we repeat: You are sincerely and cordially invited to visit your town's magazine online. Come see us and do tell us what you think.

In between the covers of this issue, you will find what we hope is a veritable feast of subjects for your in-depth perusal. As the holidays approach, feast seems an apropos word.

The theme, judging a book solely by its cover, is holiday decorating. Staff writer Kathy Ostrander takes us around town for unique ideas that cover the gamut from traditional and religious to contemporary and secular. There's color and light and lots of photos. Check it out, and see what might appeal to you for your home this season.

Contributor Sandy McCollum has a story about Chatham's Olympian Kelci Bryant. What do you think it takes to compete at the highest level of sports as a world-class athlete? Think you could do it or maybe you could have back in your day? You might think again after Kelci tells her story. Athletic ability only gets you so far. Desire and determination are must-have ingredients, or you end up watching the Olympics at home on the couch like the rest of us mortals.

You can learn a lot about a lot in this SO. • Local veterinarian Karl Luthin knows his way around Hollywood. For years, he has provided horses and horse sense, in the way of equine expertise, to more than a few movies that you'll be familiar with. • Go on safari to South Africa with the Reisers of Springfield. Check out their photos, and see if an adventurous vacation might be something you'd like to take on. • Dean Paisley, a long-time, now-retired FBI agent recounts his life as a G-man. Paisley's an interesting guy with an interesting story to tell.

We are proud in this issue to debut the writing of our grape guru, Geoff Bland. Bland you may know as the owner of the popular wine shop, The Corkscrew Wine Emporium. You may also know him as a physician at Springfield Clinic. We know him as our expert of the vine. Read him and learn. His opening lesson: Pinot Noir.

Enjoy the read, and thanks for spending some of your time with us.


Story published Friday, November 7, 2008 ( Volume 3, Number 6 )

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