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John Moody, publications editor
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Letter from the Editor, July/August 2010
By John Moody

It's OK to admit that sometimes you feel you could do more with your life. Heck, most of us just muddle through, taking on the next project and trying to meet our most pressing deadline while we keep our ducks lined up and our heads bobbing above the rising tide. 

In our cover story, writer Kathleen Ostrander tells of the courage of Springfield's Lee Malany. Malany is a guy who can make you feel inadequate with all that he has accomplished. During the past decade, he has been to some of the world's greatest disasters as a volunteer for the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity and U.S. Agency for International Development.

Sudan, Pakistan, Darfur, Kosovo and Haiti, to name only a few, are places that Malany knows well. Such spots on the globe conjure images of human tragedy. Malany, trained as a lawyer and an engineer, has witnessed the triumph of the human spirit in these very same places. 

In the weeks ahead, he begins a yearlong assignment as national Red Cross housing director for rebuilding in Haiti. He and his wife, Barb, have taken in foster kids over the years, too. It's all a bit daunting for the rest of us, but be brave, and turn the pages to read about a remarkable way of living a life.

When you drive around your neighborhood, you probably wonder where in the world some street names come from. Many have their origins in places and people that are plenty obvious, but it's all kind of interesting to hash out. Contributor Dan Naumovich gives us the streetwise lay of the land. Interesting to read that some nearby streets get their names not from famous people or places, but from some well-known automobiles that roll by on them. 

And, we've got some speed in this issue: First, we take a ride back to the 1970s in some cool and fast cars owned by local car enthusiast, Marc Levi. And, then we head out to the lake to go boating. But, boats are not all about speed, as you will read. When picking out your high-end watercraft, power is indeed a consideration, but do give some thought to pontoons and personal pursuits. Personal pursuits, you ask? Think fishing boats, for one.

Chris Young, Outdoors Editor at The State Journal-Register, tells a tale in words and images about the importance of banding birds. Young made his way over to the Adams Wildlife Sanctuary to be schooled by retired ornithologist Vern Kleen. 

We dine on hearty entrees and soak up the ambiance at Gallagher's. Columnist Geoff Bland tells us how to enjoy the best of the summer wine. We take a tour - and photos - of another luxurious home, this one on Lake Springfield. We go traveling with contributor Nancy Pistorius, stopping off at Harry Truman's hometown of Independence, Mo., on our way to the coast to take in the world-class sights of California's Monterey Peninsula.

Be sure to check us out on the Web at www.springfieldsown.com. Thank you for joining us for our summer issue of SO Magazine. Enjoy.


John Moody
Publications Editor


Story published Friday, July 2, 2010 ( Volume 5, Number 4 )

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