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Letter from the Editor, May/June 2010
By John Moody

Dear readers,

Welcome to our SO Magazine May/June edition, has a nice ring to it. It's a favorite time of year for many. Good weather, mostly. Good things to do outdoors. Good memories made. It's also a good time of year for sports. SO, let us begin there. 

You likely know Susan Langheim, local business leader, and the subject of our cover story. Her television commercials for her car dealerships are a fixture on area stations. As with most people, there's more to her than just her job. Turn to her story to find out something you likely didn't know about her. One big clue, which you have no doubt divined from our cover shot: She's developed into quite an athlete in her mid-life. Some folks have a crisis, maybe buy a Corvette or something crazier. Not the focused Susan - she has no time for such nonsense. She's too busy with family and working and working out. But, she will sell you that Corvette, if that will soothe any craving you might have. 

There's no more complicated or competitive business than the restaurant business. Take a look around -- eateries come and go. Sometimes they pack 'em in for a few weeks after they open, but then they lose their momentum. Jimmy Oh has some tips for staying the course and staying alive in a biz that can eat you up in a hurry.

If you think the business of dining is a tough one, and it is, think about taking a risk on opening a retail business. If business partners Laura Davis and Amy Robbins are afraid, you can't tell. The duo is enjoying some good business while they enjoy themselves at their trendy boutique, Apricot Lane. 

These days the trend of trying to live a healthy lifestyle is certainly catching on. Take a trip to the Holy Land Diner with SO staff writer Kathleen Ostrander for a healthy, vegetarian dinner that proves to be anything but tasteless and boring. 

For more from Ostrander, see her take on a building trend that's clearly on the move and then check out her piece on Jeannette Hoss, a local mosaic artist who, you might say, is making it by breaking it.

Hop in as we hit the road to Chatham for a little different look at vintage wheels. Lew Fehring has a few prized motorcycles -- rare Indians and some English bikes, too.

And, we offer our regular features: Learn more and more about wine; have a look at the latest in techie toys; and travel along as we head off to China and back home again, then to Ohio's beautiful Lake Erie Shores and Islands.

The season thus far has brought with it a number of lovely gala events; have a look to see who stepped out for fun and good causes. 

Do please remember our Web site, www.springfieldsown.com, and be our Facebook friend, too. Consider yourself invited to all things SO. Enjoy.


John Moody
Publications Editor


Story published Friday, May 7, 2010 ( Volume 5, Number 3 )

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