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Dear readers
By John Moody

Dear readers,

The pages of the calendar fall away like so much confetti. These words always surprise when they come around again so quickly, but here goes: Happy New Year to you from all of us at Springfield's Own Magazine.

Appropriately, the cover story is about a gentleman who, as I wrote in the piece, is a "specialist" in getting off to a good start. While we're all in this mindset of starting the year off right, Sacred Heart-Griffin High School's director of Student and Family Services, Bill "Doc" Moredock, is in that mode every day.

Doc spends his days keeping students on the right path so that they have a good beginning to what we all hope are good and long lives. This is a guy whose personal path took him from his own Griffin High School days to the University of Notre Dame and on to graduate schools in Ohio and California. His heart was never far from his hometown, and for 20 years now, he's been walking and working the hallways and classrooms of his alma mater, giving of himself in a lasting way.

Some people take personal satisfaction in a job well done, in the pride and dedication they bring to the task. They respect the dignity of their profession and don't require a pat on the back - even when it's much deserved. Norm Taylor fits that profile. For more than 20 years, he risked it all, putting his life on the line for some of the country's most important people. Not many folks realize that, at an earlier time in his life, their Realtor was a member of the Secret Service who would have taken a bullet for some pretty important leaders, including our commander in chief. Staff writer Kathleen Ostrander tells us the parts of his story he's willing to share. It's one way we can offer belated thanks and an overdue pat on the back for all he's done in service to our country.

A wonderful Christmas makes small kids and big ones, too, wish for that holiday feeling all year-round. We go to two such places, places with great names that sort of define them. Here, you'll get a peek at Santa Claus, Ind., where it's happy holidays all the time, and for an added bonus, State Journal-Register staffer Jayette Bolinski takes us on a festive foray to North Pole, N.Y. Come on along just for the fun of it.

Still traveling, we go to the beautiful city by the bay, high on a hill, San Francisco. And, it is true: It can, and likely will, steal your heart. There's plenty to see and do and contributor Nancy Pistorius offers a few pointers.

Let them eat cake ... or how about meeting some artists who dish up the tasty fare? Paige Meyers and Melanie Dineen let us in on some baking tips for making the perfect cake. In this line of work, the mistakes are edible. We go jewelry shopping with an expert on sparkly things, Matthew Dearing of Denney Jewelers, and Ben Lowder takes us on a tour of his eye-catching, eco-friendly home in Girard.  

For all this and more, don't forget to check us out at www.springfieldsown.com.

Thanks very much for getting the new year started with us. Enjoy.

John Moody

Publications Editor


Story published Friday, January 8, 2010 ( Volume 5, Number 1 )

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