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Letter from the Editor, November 2009
By John Moody

Dear readers,

Welcome to the continuing adventures of SO Magazine. OK, maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but we do have a cover story on Adventure Dive and Travel, a local business devoted to dreams and fun, and certainly to the continuing of life's adventures.

Owner Jeff Fafoglia knew he didn't want to be a hardware mogul -- he had aquatic dreams that could not, would not be ignored. And so, he launched Adventure Dive and Travel, and these days he finds himself awash in business, you might say. And, when he felt the need to find his roots in Italy ... well, that led to his second business, Lost in Italy. This is a business where travelers find themselves in places that no tour guide who isn't a native would be able to find.

We'd like to introduce you to Don Taft. He's as nice a guy as you'll ever meet. He loves his airplane, and he loves helping others. He's figured out how to combine that love for aviation and charity in a pretty admirable way - he flies for LifeLine and Angel Flight and transports those desperately in need of medical treatment but without the means to pay for the transportation.

That most quintessential of all American holidays, maybe our best, Thanksgiving Day, is coming up fast. We get you ready for all things turkey with a piece from columnist Nick Burklow on kitchen gadgets. Our wine expert Geoff Bland lends his expertise for the perfect bird and grape pairings. Hint from Bland: The bird itself is easy to match up with the right wine, but not so much with all the other food on the table that Thursday when we eat and say thanks and nap. Maybe you'd like to spice up that next big meal, if so, we've got some tips from chef Michael Camerano.

In that same holiday spirit, we bring you home to mother -- the Mother Road, that is. The city plays host every year to some wonderful wheels, which keep coming back for the Route 66 Mother Road festival. Photographer Armando Sanchez takes a drive through the event, and he brings along his camera just for us.

Springfield is home to a premier fur salon, and we've opened the vault to show off some pretty fancy coats and accessories. Maria Leka and her models line up and dress up in some of the newest fur fashions.

And come along with writer Kathy Ostrander and photographer Jeff Stearns to an excellent log cabin out in the country. It's comfortable and rustic and elegant all rolled into the vision of one couple - Rick and Karen Branham.

We thank you in advance for spending some of your time turning the pages of SO Magazine.

John Moody
Publications Editor


Story published Friday, November 6, 2009 ( Volume 4, Number 6 )

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