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Paper trail

Five area visual arts groups are creating a paper trail for the community, bringing six weeks of programs and five exhibitions on the role that paper plays in art from Oct. 7 to Nov. 12.


A night for art

Every third Thursday of the month, artists, artist wannabes and musicians have a coming-out party. Attendees mingle, ponder and critique artwork, play and listen to music and socialize.

Making magic

Some 2.2 million guests have watched a human interact with ghosts more than 30,000 times since the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum opened in April 2005.

The precisely orchestrated Ghosts of the Library performance combines art, science and smoke and mirrors in synchronized magic. 


A tribute to wanderlust

"The Yonder Side of Sass and Texas," a journey in the form of a novel from local author Joanna Beth Tweedy, will take you from southern Illinois to the Scottish highlands to the Moroccan Sahara and many places in between.

An old-fashioned gumshoe

Meet Oscar Jade - a club-footed, Jim Beam-swigging, smart-dressing private investigator from Miami.

More than the imagination

"Imagine Being In A Life You Love," according to authors Kristin Andress and Jaqui Jeanes-Lowry, was written to help others "know you have the right to imagine a life different from what you are now living" and "being the person you've always dreamed of is within reach."

Editor's Letter
Letter from the Editor, September/October 2011


Dear readers,

The late historian Shelby Foote wrote a novel about the far-reaching effects of the Civil War set nearly a century after the fact during the civil rights movement of the 1950s. It was for our purposes appropriately called "September, September." We welcome you to the September issue of SO Magazine as we mark the 150th anniversary of the War Between the States with our cover story. Contributor Theresa Schieffer writes about the 114th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry Reactivated and the popular summertime ritual the group performs weekly to the delight of visitors. 


Letter from the Editor, July/August 2011

Dear readers,

It sure feels like lake weather to us. Springfield has a long sailing tradition, dating to 1934, when a group of the sport's devotees came up with the idea of starting their own yacht club. It was a great idea, but it lacked one important nautical element: a body of water. Contributor Theresa Schieffer brings us our cover story on how the Island Bay Yacht Club came to be. This thriving club is near capacity, even at a time when similar private clubs find themselves in a struggle to keep old members and attract new ones.

Letter from the Editor, May/June 2011


Dear readers,

We Midwesterners love May. It means vibrant colors and moderate temperatures and even blue skies. Robert Frost paid tribute to this time of year when he wrote of the "pleasure in the flowers today" adding hope with his line to "keep us here all simply in the springing of the year." Welcome to the best time of year and to this spring edition of SO Magazine.


Putting equals pain

The flatstick. The wand. The putter. It's the club in the bag most likely to ... most likely to break your heart, most likely to keep you up at night.

Carrying on

Good golf professionals are about more than running a smooth (and profitable) shop or packing their lesson book - though both are near the top of the job description.

The good golf professionals know that they are stewards of the game. That during their time, they are charged with caring for and growing the game.


Sarazen's gift

Most touring pros toil in obscurity. Some are known only for a particular moment, maybe a moment that produced an incredible shot that is burned in memory. Think Larry Mize at Augusta in 1987.

The game's greats often transcend the sport because they have the ability to build memorable moments, one on the other, over the course of their careers. The great ones have a knack for pulling off the right shot at just the right event.

Local flavor: A beginner’s guide to wine made in Illinois

To most consumers, the concept of Illinois wine is a recent one, and indeed, there has been an explosion of new vineyards and wineries throughout the state in the past 15 years. In 1997, there were only 12 producers; today, there are more than 90.

Local flavor: A beginning guide to wine made in Illinois

To most consumers, the concept of Illinois wine is a recent one, and indeed, there has been an explosion of new vineyards and wineries throughout the state in the past 15 years. In 1997, there were only 12 producers; today, there are more than 90.


Natural appeal: A lot of work goes into producing organic wines

In the simplest of terms, an organic wine is a wine produced from organically grown grapes. The more difficult question is how are grapes grown organically, and what complexities are involved in the process?

Still Rising
Mission from God

Forty years ago, he was just "Ken" - one of the many children growing up in the John Hay housing projects on 11th Street. Too often, young boys and girls are dismissed by society because of the social environment in which they exist, but IQ has never been a derivative of environment. This bright young boy was filled with an entrepreneurial spirit at the age of 9.


Apps that matter

As addictive and fun as Angry Birds is to play on your Apple iPhone or Android, it's really just a great way to waste time. On the other hand, there are some useful apps that can help you shop, stay healthy and be fit. 


Forecast: Cloudy

The expression "walking around with your head in the clouds" is used to describe a person lost in a perpetual fog of revelry. Such people, while usually harmless, tend to be unreliable.

Clouds also bring tidings of bad luck. Think of Pigpen from the "Peanuts" comic strip, with his black cloud lingering ever-presently overhead.

So perhaps "cloud" isn't the best word to describe a concept that some believe is on its way to changing desktop computing as we know it. 

Smart cars


It's a wonder how my folks ever made it through all those long road trips in the family car.

We would try to spot as many different license plates as we could or play the I Spy game. Today, there are all sorts of distractions, from portable DVD players to game systems - and the in-car technology is about to get even better.


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